ZIN Swetha Jairam Conducting a Beat Pump Class with Band Baaja Bride Contestants Sajid and Nausheen

ZIN Swetha Jairam Conducting a Beat Pump Class with Band Baaja Bride Contestants Sajid and Nausheen

Swetha Jairam Conducting a Beat Pump Class (body toning with weights)

Zin Swetha Jairam was invited to take a Fitness Class with NDTV Goodtimes Band Baaja Bride Contestants Sajid and Nausheen, She Chose BEAT PUMP which a Body Toning routine with light weights so that the contestants sweat it out and also know how working out with light weight helps toning your troubled area. e.g. Abs, Thighs, Arms and Upper Body.

The Class was conducted by ZIN Swetha Jairam at Her own place, WAY OF LIFE STUDIO.

Here are some image of the workout that was shot at WAY OF LIFE STUDIO

IMG-20141118-WA0094IMG-20141118-WA0048  IMG-20141118-WA0047 IMG-20141118-WA0043IMG-20141118-WA0045IMG-20141118-WA0075IMG-20141118-WA0072swetha jairams interview on ndtv goodtimes band baaja bride

The contestants were all Praise about her Style of Workout and that how they felt after doing BEAT PUMP, the brainchild of Swetha.

Lets tell you a Little about BEAT PUMP

Mumbai’s first ever Dance Toning concept that focuses on your muscle toning, weight loss, flexibility and increasing your stamina conducted only at Way of Life dance and fitness studio.

The top world magazines and fitness experts are approving of this fitness workout because of its health benefits. We at Way of Life do not believe in boring workout routines and dance with exercise is always an alternative for those looking out for something new and exciting to stay fit. As we all know, dancing has many health benefits.
It :
1. Keeps your body toned
2. Helps in weight loss
3. Detoxification via sweat removal and improved blood circulation.

These are the common health benefits, apart from that at the biochemical level dance helps us :

1. To regulate blood sugar
2. Avoid plaque formation in the arteries
3. Reduce cholesterol
4. Regulate blood pressure
5. Activate glands for improved hormone release
6. Better stamina
7. Improved digestion

Now that you know what this Body Toning exercise is all about, let show you the real thing.


Video of the Show that was Aired On NDTV GOODTIMES “Band Baaja Bride”



To See Full Episode Click Here

By Swetha Jairam


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