Squats for beginners.

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“Squats are too tough for me, I can’t get myself to balance and it hurts my knee”.


Many of us face this issue. Where we are unable to balance ourselves while performing basic squats. Being a first timer, this is very normal to feel, i used to feel that too, but trust me you will get there. Start from something even more basic than squats. What we are going to discuss today is how to perform “Wall Squats”. Its way easier in technique and difficulty level but is a killer in workout.

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Let me take you through the technique in a few simple steps.


  • Find a smooth wall for the activity and make sure your floor is non slippery.


  •  Stand with your back shoulders and hip touching the wall.


  •  Keep your feet a little more than shoulder distance apart and toes pointed forward.


  •  Place your arms on the sides, touching the wall so as to balance yourself, and take two steps in the forward direction. Make sure your feet are still shoulder distance apart.


  •  Now taking support with your hands on the wall, slowly slide yourself down, with your shoulders and back still in contact with the wall and your gaze straight forward.


  •  Once you reach a position where your knee forms a perfect 90° angle between your thigh and calf muscle, simultaneously making sure your knees have not gone beyond your toes (If they have then take a really tiny step forward so that your toes come ahead), you can comfortable leave your hands from the wall and bring them forward and place them across Your chest or very lightly place them over your thigh. This is what we call as the imaginary chair position, where you are positioned as though you are seated on an imaginary chair.


  • how to do a wall-squat Make sure your shoulders and back still have contact with the wall. Feet are nicely grounded and take the entire weight on your quadriceps (thighs) and you gluts (buttocks). Make sure you don’t put your weight on your knee.3


  •  Now hold this position for a minimum of 30secs to a maximum of.. I don’t think i need to tell you that.. May be till the time you can hold it no more.. Your thighs will shiver, don’t worry that’s absolutely normal. But at no time will you take support of the wall with your hands, this takes the weight off your working muscles.


  •  Now once you’ve done enough of sitting on the imaginary chair and you feel you can do it no more, slowly slide up with your hands across your chest and shoulders and back still touching the wall and gaze still forward. Make sure you push yourself up using your gluts and not knees. Once you’re completely up, bring your feet back in. Rest for a few seconds before going for round two.


  •  Once you’ve mastered this technique slowly move onto performing normal squats without wall support. Read my blog on ‘How To Squat Right’ before you perform your next level of squats, to avoid injuries.

Hope this blog was helpful guys. If there are any more fitness techniques you want me to explain please feel free to post your comments in the section below and I will be more than happy to help you with the right technique.

Happy Squatting.. 🙂

By Swetha Jairam

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