Enjoying Zumba: The main ingredient

I started my week with a happy note on getting a mini vacation for new year. As day’s passed i started feeling restless. Something was so missing. Well then i realized  it was because i dint shake a leg. I got a break from zumba for a week..

What shall i do ? I tried doing Zumba alone at home but it dint make me happy. so i thought, why not substitute Zumba with some other form of exercise ? So i started going for walks. Walking dint make me feel any better. so i thought, why not jog? increasing my heart rate gives me a good feeling. I yet felt something was missing. After thinking for a long time i realized what i missed the most. can you guess?



feelin sad without zumba

  I did not Enjoy what I doing. Didnt get that HAPPY WALA FEELING you see.

Always remember, do the things you enjoy. This is one ingredient that will help you have a better life.
Eg: When you have to choose the form of exercise you prefer, unless you don’t enjoy it, it wont work on you.
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Let me share my experience with you :  I did dancing in my school. I was into fitness in some or the other way from the age of 8. I started going to the gym when i was in the 10 standard because I was overweight. Everyone one said ” If you go to the gym you will lose weight.”
 In the beginning I was enjoying it because it was something new. I was exploring myself. After a year I started losing interest and I realized it was not for me. Then for the next 3 years I did swimming, aerobics and yoga.They were good , but yet didn’t find the main Ingredient .Next I heard few of my friends talking about ZUMBA. I got curious to know what it was. Why people spoke about it so much ? Finally I planned to see a few zumba videos and guess what I saw.
Swetha Jairams Video!!!

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This is just an example related to exercise but this should be a part of your daily life.  I would like you all to share a similar experience… waiting for you all

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By Shama mody

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