Destress with Zumba



All of us face some kind of stress everyday. Some stresses can be resolved while some are really complicated to be resolved. In this fast life we are always in search of things that can provide us some happiness, comfort and some peace that can take off the stress from our minds for a while. So what is it that you usually do when you are stressed?

1. Eating? Researches have proven that stress causes hunger pangs and cravings that can lead to over-eating, bloating, weight gain which put us to the risk of lifestyle diseases. So eating consciously becomes an issue because when we are stressed, we lose the ability to judge good and bad foods. So the best possible way is to drink lots of water, snack on nuts and fruits and stay calm.

2. Substance abuse, drugs, smoke and alcohol? It’s a human tendency to be attracted towards things that provide comfort to the mind while we are stressed. Even after listening and viewing to so many anti-alcohol, anti-drugs, anti-smoking ads over the internet and television, the demand for these things haven’t reduced. People still opt out for these things during crisis. But before you pick up the cigarette box, liquor bottle or a drug think for a while about the consequences. Always resort for help from people. Socialize, talk, listen to music and stay calm.

3. Sit in a corner and cry ? That should never be an option. Crying is good for health  definitely, it releases of burden from your mind, but having relapses over one situation and crying is not healthy. Cry it off once in a while if that makes you feel better, but never focus on that particular situation everytime and cry. The world has better things out for you.

4. Binge on Caffeine ? Researches have proven the side-effects of caffeine overdose. The MedlinePlus online journal has mentioned the consequences of caffeine overdose. Have green tea instead. 2-3 times a day is absolutely fine.

5. Over-sleeping? Sleeping for minimum 7 hrs is good for health but over-sleeping lowers the immunity.

These are common things that all of us do when we are stressed. But what’s the best option?

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Yes, we at zumba fitness conducted a 3- month research study where we analyzed the stress levels of the participants before beginning the research and at the end of the research. The results were amazing. These are some of the answers our participants gave after completing the research.

“It was such an amazing journey, I was blessed to come across zumba. I was messed up because of handling work and family together but zumba just came like a miracle. I am so happy all the time. All my frustrations and worries are gone after I walk out of the class”
“Initially I really managed to come on time for the zumba class, because of my work timings, but after I started observing the changes in me, I discussed with my boss to leave me early so that I can enjoy every moment in the class and these 3 months just changed my life. I feel so confident and happy”
“Being a mother of 3 and managing house isn’t that , I never had time for myself. I thought something was missing. After I came across zumba, I found out that missing part of my life. Now I am so much more happier. Zumba is fun, I love dancing and it’s a ME time when I am in the class. I am way better, happier and confident after 3 months”

Zumba is an intermediate intensity fitness workout that involves music and dance, so even if you are not a good dancer don’t worry, it ain’t that difficult. Just follow the instructor and the music and bring out the kid in you and we are sure you will love it.



By Swetha Jairam

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