Contemporary Dance – Makes you come closer to yourself !

Contemporary dance is what it sounds like: dance that belongs to or exists in a time period… right now.
Dance is tied to traditions and perspectives of the past and connects to others existing in the present.

Dance is a reflection of your emotions. Contemporary Dance as we all know is a Dance that brings out your emotions, grace, personality and a lot of other characteristics which are often not known to yourself. Contemporary Dance is all about indulging in emotions, getting a high to express yourself and letting yourself surrender completely to the Dance.

Dance is also one of the Best Activities you can give to your mind and body. Not only it has health benefits but Dance gives you a chance to take off your mind from something stressful to something soothing. It’s a Sweet Distraction 🙂

The term “Life” has always been defined complicated by many and happy by others. It’s always a mystery when you are asked about How your Life is going. But to understand this term “Life”, you need to explore more on the inside.

A very famous quote “Life is Simple, how you take it is what makes it complicated”  has truly depicted of what we perceive life as. The fact is it’s how we respond to situations and people we come across that defines what we truly are. So know yourself from within and know what your Life is !!

Dance is God’s language. A language without words and only feelings and emotions. Ask a passionate dancer about what dance means and all you can expect is “It’s my God”, It’s my Love” , It’s my Passion”. These are the strong feelings of your Heart that define who you are. It makes you come closer to yourself and exploring things that make you happy.

Contemporary Dance is a melody of swift emotions, grace, power, confidence and physical movements. Want to explore more about yourself? Surrender yourself to dance and see the Magic.

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By Swetha Jairam


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