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Best Bollywood Dance Classes in Mumbai

bollywood dance classes in mumbai

Bollywood Dance Classes in Kemps Corner Mumbai

bollywood dance class in kemps corner mumbai

Bollywood Dance Class in Mumbai

Bollywood dance itself is a style which encompasses all of these styles and more, as well as having its own unique flavour and merit.

Bollywood is the informal name given to the popular Mumbai-based Hindi language film industry in India. Bollywood Dancing is one of the hottest dances around! It is the foundation of every great Indian Bollywood Film. The dances are a fusion of traditional and classical indian dances with the influence of some jazz, hip-hop and modern dance. Timing and Rhythm, energy, and sharp controlled expressive movements are the important elements of Bollywood Dancing!

The Evolution of Bollywood Dance is a process that is entirely Indian and yet cross-cultural at the same time as the movements have become more bold & extroverted to capture the audience’s attention. After experimenting with Classical, Semi Classical, Folk, Cabaret & Disco styles of dance, came an era which introduced Bollywood Free Style of dancing which is a rage till date.


bollywood dance classes in mumbai

Bollywood dance moves have a character of their own. Whether performed against the backdrop of the countryside, in a discotheque, at home, on the streets or at a wedding celebration, they are awfully stylised and elaborate. These dance moves are a blend of various styles, ranging from belly-dancing, Kathak, Indian folk, Western popular, even Western erotic dancing.

Over the decades, Bollywood dance moves, which often have a bevy of background dancers to enhance the element of drama, have gained international appeal. Tied closely to politics, the Bollywood dance number was initially popular beyond India’s shores in countries such as the former Soviet Union and the Middle East.


Bollywood dance classes in mumbai

Benefits Of Bollywood Dancing

The Bollywood dance form requires movement according to the musical beats. When you first try it, it will be a little difficult, but as you practice it daily, your body will develop its natural rhythm. This improves the body’s ability to balance and co-ordinate. The fast, upbeat movements help to kick calories and also shed extra kilos.

The Bollywood dance form is a great form of aerobic exercise, as it involves lots of active and energetic movements. This helps in boosting oxygen supply, throughout the body. In fact, back in the 90s, the dance moves were usually modelled on aerobic movements like jumping jacks, toe touches, side to side lunging and so on.

Bollywood dance for fitness is like any other aerobic exercise form  that needs commitment, consistency and progression. While it does satisfy your body’s cardio needs, it will not help strengthen your muscles for longevity, bone density improvement or long term weight control. For these benefits, which keep you safe from osteoporosis and several other lifestyle diseases, you will still need to add strength training to your fitness routine.

Bollywood dance is about storytelling. The songs are from the movies and are there for a particular reason — for example, a celebration song, a seduction song, a love song, a song of sadness. So when you dance it out, you are dancing to the words and mood. Different songs are used at different occasions … there are tons of wedding songs, which you will hear being played at every Indian wedding!

The dancing itself is a fusion of all dance forms. It could be Indian classical, Indian folk dance, belly dancing, jazz, hip hop and everything else you can imagine. Bollywood is all about fantasy and glamour and there really are no limits to the creativity (or cheesiness).

Bollywood dance is a fantastic workout. It’s upbeat, energetic and gets a sweat happening pretty fast. It’s also so much fun and makes you laugh.  Anyone can do Bollywood dance. As it is a fusion, there are a lot of steps which are quite universal, then we just add in the Bollywood touch of Indian hands or the eyes. At the beginner level, it is a very simple dance style to learn



priyaka mehta teaching bollywood dancing at way of life studio mumbai

Way Of Life Studio now has the very famous Priyanka Mehta Of Terence Lewis Dance Academy making you sway to famous Bollywood Music twice a week. Learn new Choreographies and Tune Up your Dancing skills.


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