What Muscles Does Zumba Fitness Work On?

The 1000 Calories Challenge


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Many of us who take a Zumba Fitness Trial Class will always ask the instructor the following questions, Will I lose weight? Will I lose inches around my waist? What about my thighs? they are my major concern right now. Being the holiday season, and a season for lots of parties and one piece dresses, all you women out there will be wondering if you are going to be the one getting all the compliments of how good you’re looking gin that outfit. This blog is an eye opener for those wanting to know the fitness benefits of Zumba.

 This is what Zumba does to you.

Zumba is a unique fitness program where you can burn fat by following Latin dance moves. You and your classmates swoop and twirl to international dance rhythms. If you are new to Zumba Fitness, you are likely to notice that you are happily out of breath as you try to keep up, improving cardiovascular fitness in the process. It is a combination of resistance training and aerobics, letting you move at both slow and fast rhythms. It has become highly popular because it offers the opportunity to burn calories to help you lose weight while you have fun with a group.

As the instructor runs through an eclectic play list, they have a method to their madness, aiming not only to promote fitness but to work out your muscle groups evenly in a fun way. As you shake your booty, your hamstrings (muscle that crosses 2 joints HIP and KNEE commonly referred as rear thigh), quadriceps (front thigh), glutes (hip muscles), abs and so many more muscles coordinate in a smooth, gliding whirl of motion.

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Importance of Warming Up:warming up before zumba - way of life studio mumbai

The instructors keep in mind several small things before playing the Warm-up songs for example: The song selected should contain beats to make the atmosphere lively. Often mash-ups of hip-hop and Latin-American songs are shortlisted for the last four minutes or more to set a groove that gets the blood pumping. In Warm-ups, the focus is on getting the whole body in motion.



What Zumba Fitness program focus on?

With its body rolls and provocative hip shakes, as well as lunges and footwork, Zumba Fitness would obviously seem to work the core and lower body muscles primarily. Asked what muscles Zumba works out, licensed Zumba instructor Swetha Jairam answers “It works everything.” With her warm-up songs, she takes care to include the upper body as well to prepare for the total-body exertions to come in an hour-long Zumba Fitness class.


What Zumba Does To The Body?

What Zumba Does To The Body?

Zumba classes give both mental and physical benefits, according to a study published in “The New York Times.” You get rid of stress by dancing different styles, like Latin, hip hop, salsa and belly dancing. The pace usually starts slow then progresses to fast and intense then slows down again. Zumba incorporates an interval training approach to keep the body stimulated. Working out for an hour will help you burn 700 to 1000 calories.

wayoflifestudio_image61Legs, Calves and Glutes

Research shows that most of the routines and styles of Zumba help you tone your leg muscles and glutes. Dancing the samba, salsa or hip-hop style gives your lower body a good workout since you will constantly be  in motion. When you flex your legs (When you flex your leg, you pull your toes up towards your body) and assume various positions, like squatting or bending over.



Core Muscles/Abdominals

Many routines and movements in Zumba are designed to keep your abs and core toned and trimmed. The basic Zumba routine is great for weight loss and you burn hundreds of calories within a 60-minute session. According to a study, you get to do movements that target the upper and lower abs, obliques and lower back, thereby stabilizing your core and giving you better posture, gait and balance.



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Keep yourself fit in a fun way !!!

Happy Zumba 😉


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