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Zumba Fitness In Mumbai


Zumba Fitness In Mumbai

zumba-fitness- mumbai

Zumba Fitness is a Latin-Inspired form of dance for Weight Loss, Weight Management and Body Toning. We conduct Zumba Fitness Classes at Kemps Corner Mumbai.

It utilizes the Latin dance styles, like the Merengue, Salsa, Latin-pop, Cumbia, Reggaeton etc and encompasses it in a fitness regime, that not only works out every inch of your body, but gives you a fitness high that brings a smile to your face in spite of the sweat. ZIN Swetha Jairam conducts Zumba Fitness Classes at Way of Life Dance and Fitness Studio at Kemps Corner Mumbai.


Why you should enrol for Zumba Classes at Way of Life Studio?

We at Way of Life Studio have been successfully running Zumba Fitness Classes since past 4 years and our clients have always come back. It’s hard to find such enthusiasm in class. We treat our clients as a family, we know their Health Goals and have been helping them at every stage. Search for Zumba Fitness Classes in Mumbai on the Internet and we top the Google searches. Our clients’ support and love has made us transform from Zumba Fitness Mumbai to Way of Life Studio. We have the Best of Instructors and People that know what they have when they have you. . We offer a free trial class so that you can take an experience, know what Zumba is all about and decide for yourself.

Are Zumba Instructors qualified at Way of Life Studio ?

Yes, the Instructors are hired on the basis of their qualifications. Only after they are certified by Zumba USA, they are allowed to conduct their batches. At Way of Life you will find the Best of Instructors, they will guide you with right knowledge and always motivate you.

But I am not a dancer to be doing Zumba, can I still enrol for it?

Zumba is all about coming to the class and giving yourself a break from your work and help you achieve Fitness. Just follow the cues given by Instructors and you will learn eventually. The music sets you free, giving yourself some “Me” time. You don’t have to worry about getting steps wrong, after 3-4 classes, you know your steps and you can match up with the Instructors.


MON-WED-FRI : 09:00 AM , 07:00  PM

TUE-THUR : 07:30 AM, 11:00 AM , 08:00 PM


Can I achieve Weight Loss by doing Zumba?

Yes, Zumba is very effective in weight loss. We did a Zumba Research Study in 2013, the first ever Zumba Study done in India which proves it that Zumba helps you achieve healthy weight loss. Take a look at our Research and know more benefits of Zumba other than Weight Loss.

I have a stressful life and work, will Zumba help me overcome my issues ?

Yes absolutely. Our Research Study has proven that Zumba Workout helps in 60 % reduction in Stress by just attending a 1 month class. You can always see our clients smiling after coming out of a Fantastic Workout Class.

Is Zumba dangerous if I have back and knee problems?

Zumba Fitness is knee and back safe, provided it is done on the right kind of flooring, Zumba Fitness like any other high impact activity must be done on a flooring that can absorb the shock of an impact, example, wooden, rubber matting, carpeted, gym flooring etc. Zumba or rather any kind of high impact activity should not be done on tiles or marble flooring as it will hit back on your joints and cause injuries. So more than Zumba one should worry about where it is being conducted.

Want To See a Zumba Class in Action At Way Of Life Studio View Our   YouTube Channel

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