Swetha Jairam

BollyBurn - The Bollywood Dance Fitness
11:30 am - 12:30 pm
September 24, 2017

ZIN Swetha Jairam is a Certified Zumba Fitness Instructor, in the fields of Zumba Basic I, Zumba Basic II and Aqua Zumba, a Lifestyle Coach, a Fitness Counselor, a Wellness Counselor, as well as a Weight Loss Counselor. Swetha is a Graduate in Life Science and Biochemistry as a double major with Honors and a Masters in Psychology.

Way of Life is the brainchild of Swetha Jairam, a dream that has finally transformed into reality. Swetha has always believed in an Active Lifestyle and Good Nutrition for physical and psychological well-being. At Way of Life there is peace, fun, dance, energy and much more to look forward. We invite you all to this Fitness Temple to have an experience. 

Swetha’s Testimonial : “Way of Life has always been a vision to help people have a better approach towards their health and life. While working as a Lifestyle Coach few years back, I realized how important it was for people to be aware and cautious about the rising Lifestyle Diseases. When I came across Zumba, it was like a turning point in my Life and I decided to play my role in making people’s lives better. Being a Zumba Instructor and a Health Psychologist  I could understand their psychology and physiology both. My team, clients and I have evolved from Zumba Fitness Mumbai to Way of Life today by learning and growing together. I was lucky to have found a way to do that through Zumba and the outcomes are inspiring to many. It has not only helped with weight loss but also relationships, stress and many other benefits.