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Body Toning Classes – Beat Pump Classes in Mumbai

body toning classes in mumbai

 Beat Pump – The Best Dance Toning Classes In Mumbai


Way of Life Dance and Fitness Studio introduces Beat Pump (Dance Toning) Classes in Kemps Corner Mumbai. It is an innovative Fitness concept by Way of Life Dance and Fitness Studio at Kemps Corner Mumbai with one-of-a-kind Dance Workout with Weight Training that will help you improve on your Aerobic and Anaerobic Fitness. Hop In for a FREE TRIAL AT WAY OF LIFE STUDIO FOR THE BEST DANCE TONING CLASSES IN MUMBAI. 

Always wished for a toned body and a healthy heart? You are at the right place, Way Of Life Studio conductsThe Best Dance Toning Classes In Mumbai called “Beat Pump”. Jiggle to the music with light dumbbell weights with Way Of Life Studio’s new concept Beat Pump.





Way of life Dance and Fitness Studio introduces  Beat Pump Classes at Kemps Corner, Mumbai. A one-of-a-kind dance workout with weight training that will help you improve on your aerobic and anaerobic fitness. So get ready for a jiggle with some weights. Mumbai’s first ever Dance Toning concept that focuses on your muscle toning, weight loss, flexibility and increasing your stamina conducted only at Way of Life dance and fitness studio.

The top world magazines and fitness experts are approving of this fitness workout because of its health benefits. We at Way of Life do not believe in boring workout routines and dance with exercise is always an alternative for those looking out for something new and exciting to stay fit. As we all know, dancing has many health benefits.
It :
1. Keeps your body toned
2. Helps in weight loss
3. Detoxification via sweat removal and improved blood circulation.

These are the common health benefits, apart from that at the biochemical level dance helps us :

1. To regulate blood sugar
2. Avoid plaque formation in the arteries
3. Reduce cholesterol
4. Regulate blood pressure
5. Activate glands for improved hormone release
6. Better stamina
7. Improved digestion

Fitness Experts and Gym Trainers always believe that improving on anaerobic fitness (muscular fitness, muscular strength) is essential along with improving aerobic fitness(cardio fitness) because for daily activites we require good strength which we perform through our muscles. It becomes all the more important for sports person and athletes to focus on their anaerobic fitness to perform better at their sport. Hence, we came up with a innovative concept of making weight training a fun workout by adding some music so people can enjoy working on their health goals while having some fun.

Preview of our Fantastic Beat Pump Training Class by The Best Instructors In Mumbai




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