Zumba: Best Workout for Flat Abs


Zumba for Ab toning way of life studio mumbai

The first thing anyone desires about their body is to have toned and flat abs. Seeing your personal trainer or instructor having those toned perfect abs should inspire you to start working hard and be in good shape. Talking scientifically, the circumference of your waist and hip determines your obesity grade. For Asians, it’s all the more essential to have a disciplined workout and diet because asians are genetically susceptible to fat accumulation. So conditioning your body from early age to follow daily exercise will prevent the risk of obesity.

The other thought that must have popped up in your mind is “I am not a gym person, I need a different physical activity”. Yes you will hear that from every alternate person. Exercise should never be boring. Exercise is a magic that everyone should use to be fit. When you sign up for gym membership, always have a clear mindset if that type of exercise is what your mind and body is looking for. Many of us are happy having a workout in a gym. The preference changes according to your goals.

Your abs are the essential part of your body because they determine your health. So why not choose an activity that entertains your abs and tones them. ZUMBA is one of those activities that your abs would love. Zumba fitness workout has many ab movements, which are not just good for your ab health but also they are fun to perform. The most adorable thing to notice in a Zumba Session is to see people shake their waist like they are in a PARTY !! You must have heard the tagline for ZUMBA, it’s DITCH THE WORKOUT, JOIN THE PARTY ! Yes, you would never feel like you are doing some exercise, it’s always a party.

Moreover, the 3-month research study showed inch loss from waist and hips by almost 4-6 inches after the completion of the study. Isn’t that amazing? It’s like going on a vacation but still completing your work. Everything gets balanced.




By Swetha Jairam


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