Why you should choose Dance over Traditional Workouts



Indulging in a physical activity is never a waste of time, even if it means following the same workout for months or years. Atleast you are doing your best to keep yourself healthy and in shape. But many of us do not believe in monotony. We always look for variety in all possible things; be it food, clothes, accessories, gadgets and also our workouts.

There are many people who have tried all types of workout. Yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Martial Arts, Aerobics, Gym but at certain point of time we always crave for more. Something that is exciting, something that gives us adrenaline rush and that’s when we opt for Dancing. Why? Because it brings joy, realses stress, and most of all it’s fun. There are only 10 % chances that you might not continue it. Also with the Dance Revolution movies that are coming up like Step Up, Make Your Move, etc the youth is all set to take this art top notch which ultimately is the best form of workout too.

Traditional workouts also include indulging in one type of sport like tennis, badmintion, Boxing, Golf, Running, etc. Here you do not allow all your major muscle groups to work simultaneously but while Dancing, there’s a whole body workout that happens. You may burn upto 100-150 calories / hour in traditional workouts while Dance workouts like Zumba, Dance Toning, Salsa burn upto 600 calories / hour. We are not denying the fact that sports don’t keep you fit but if your goals are to lose weight, burn extra fat by also being fit and frolic you might like Dancing as a Workout.



By Swetha Jaira

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