The 20 Minute Boost Up Workout

After a really long tiring day its very hard and frustrating to get up from the couch and get yourself some food or water, so exercising would be a distant thought in your mind. It will take a push, some motivation and a little drive to get you on your feet and start exercising but once you get addicted to being fit, it’s a pleasurable experience everyday.So first lets know what physical fitness means. A basic definition of physical fitness is “The ability to complete daily tasks with energy, reduce health risks due to inactivity, and be able to participate in a variety of physical activities”. Yes that’s exactly what we plan to do. Our jobs and responsibilities leave us no time for ourselves, but you don’t always have to compromise. a daily 20 minute routine will boost you up.

Let’s get started !

1. Always get warmed up before beginning any sort of physical activity. Warm up can be as simple as marching, on-the-spot hopping, stretching your major muscles. They are simple and do not require you to go the gym. Get yourselves warmed up 5-10 mins before you begin your exercise.

2. Start your exercise. Start with Leg raises, Calf Raises, Push Ups. Choose a stepper or a staircase at your home or your residential area and start climbing up and down at a moderate level to avoid head-rush and dizziness. Choose one upper body and one lower body exercise to keep it balanced. Start with minimum 10 counts and increase it everyday by 3 counts.

3. Cool down with basic hand rotations, hip rotations, leg stretches, etc.

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