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Squats is one of the best fitness exercises for your lower body. Provided you do it the right way.

Many ardent fitness lovers end up with injuries due to incorrect squatting techniques.


So, How to Squat Right?

Before we understand the right technique lets understand the wrong one.


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1. Let your knees exceed your toes
2. Put unnecessary pressure on your lower back so that you go lower in your squats
3. Lift heavy weights if you’re a first timer.
4. Crouch your back while you are into the squat position.
5. Keep your feet too close.



Now that we have a list of Do Nots, let’s define what a correct squatting technique is. 

1. Keep your feet a little more than hip width or shoulder width apart.
2. Keep your toes pointed straight or at an angle of up to 30° not more.
3. Keep your hands outstretched.
4. Slowly lower down your buttocks as though sitting on an imaginary chair. Care should be taken so as to not let your knee come ahead of your toes while the whole time one should concentrate on pushing your glutes behind.
5. Make sure you look up straight and not down at your toe for better stability.
6. In the correct squat position your thighs are exactly parallel to the floor and your legs make a 90° angle from your knee joint.
7. Stay in that position for a few seconds before raising yourself up.
8. While you slowly straighten up make sure you use your glutes i.e your buttocks to push your body weight to an upright position and avoid pressurising your Lower back and knees.
9. As you raise yourself up relax your arms.
10. To push one level up you can hold light weight dumbbells in both your hands and hold it facing the floor. Continue your squats as described earlier to add a little arm workout to it as well
11. You can place and hold the dumbbell on your shoulder to add pressure to your quadriceps and glutes.
12. Make sure your core is nice and tight while performing the activity and not let your stomach hang lose
13. Importantly, don’t stop breathing while you squat. Breathe in while you lower your self and breathe out whilst coming up. This technique makes sure your core remains engaged.

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Squatting is a great workout for your lower body. It targets your Quadriceps, Hamstrings, Glutes and Back Muscles and strengthens them.

So those complaining that squats cause them aches and pains, make sure you do a checklist of the above do’s and don’ts and retry them.

This forum is open to discussion, if anyone has any further doubts about correct squatting techniques please post your questions here and I’ll give you an expert opinion on the same.

Happy Squatting.. 🙂

By Swetha Jairam

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