How to Discover Yourself ?


There are phases in life when we are so confused about what we want in life. We cannot decide our priorities, too much pressure and the eventual crying, sadness or depression. These things take away your energy and freshness, so how are you supposed to lighten up and think what is it that makes you happy. 

Ask Yourself these questions right now while you are reading this !

1. What is the first thing I do when I wake up ?

2. How much time do I give myself?

3. Do I appreciate being alive and living a human life?

4. Do I love being around people and helping others out?

5. Do you take risks ?

6. What is the last thing I do before going to bed?

These are the most common answers

1. Go to the loo

2. Hardly any. Usually while I am having my food. I have lotta work to do.

3. Uh no, I would better be a bunny just having my carrot and going off to sleep.

4. Yeah, it’s fun but sometimes really frustrating.

5. No, I can’t. I have lot of responsibilities. It’s really dangerous. I have my limitations.

6. Set my alarm for the next day.

If these are the answers, pretty sure you don’t give yourself enough time. How will you understand yourself until you don’t appreciate and give yourself some time.

To discover yourself from within, appreciate yourself. Be grateful to God to have given you a human life and that you can create innumerable things with your talent. Do new things everyday, make people smile, help yourself and others. We all know that having sometime alone gives you the opportunity to figure out your thoughts, feelings, passion. But that can also happen when you are with people. The way you behave and talk around people gives you the opportunity to judge and understand yourself better. It also makes you aware of how well can you manage to maintain your calm and stay positive and motivate others. It’s ok to take risks sometimes, it’s called facing your fears. Until and unless you don’t try out, you will not know your potential.

The most important thing SMILE. You may not be the aware how beautifully infectious it is, but anybody who smiles can lighten up the mood in seconds. Remember your smile is a reflection of your soul. If you can smile in your hardships, you are a beautiful soul.

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By Swetha Jairam

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