Rasa is about human state of mind. Its about what the mind feels and the expression of the feeling thereafter. In the Bharata’s Natyashastra, Rasa is an emotion experienced by the audience created by the facial expression or the Bhava of the actor. In indian classical dance it is referred to as Rasa-abhinaya.

Karuna Rasa- Way of Life Studio MumbaiKaruna Rasa

Karuna means benevolence; it arises due to the kindnes, or sympathy, or sorrow and disgust with pain. This is divided into three. One is Dharamopagatal arises out of punishment; Ardhapacheya arises due to the loss of wealth, Soka due to the grief, and mental distress.

Sringara RasaSringara Rasa- Way of Life Studio Mumbai

Sringara Rasa originates from the love or romance. This love emotion involves, two types one is Samyoga, and other is viyoga. Samyoga means the union of two lovers. Viyoga means the emotion which arises out of separation.

Hasya Rasa- Way of Life Studio MumbaiHasya Rasa

Hasya Rasa means laugh. According to the way of expression the laugh is divided into six categories. Those are Smita (slight smile), Hasita (jesting way of laugh), Vihasta (Laughing), Upahasta (ridiculous way of laughing), Apahasta (silly way of laughing), and Athihasita (excessive laugh).

Adbutha RasaAdbhuta Rasa- Way of Life Studio Mumbai

Adbutha Rasa, means wonder, or surprise, it can be divided into two, one is celestial (divya), other is joyful (ananda).

Veera Rasa- Way of Life Studio MumbaiVeera Rasa

Veera arises out of bravery. There are three kinds one is, by giving gifts (dhana veera), another by charity (daya veera), and the last is (uddha veera).

Raudra RasaRaudra Rasa- Way of Life Studio Mumbai

Raudra comes to human life due to anger, the Raudra arises out of words which is called Vak, anger reveals out of make up is (Nepadhya), and anger shows through limbs is anga rudra.

Bibhasta Rasa- Way of Life Studio MumbaiBibhasta Rasa

Bibhasta emotion arises out of hatred, disgust, and dislike in life.

Bhayanka RasaBhayanaka Rasa- Way of Life Studio Mumbai

Bhayanaka arises out of fear. There are altogether three types of Bayanaka. Bayanaka which comes out of deceiving, is called Vyajan, and fear arises out of wrong is called Aparadha, and another is Trasita Bhayanaka which arises out of terror.

Santha Rasa- Way of Life Studio MumbaiSantha Rasa

Santha is the last rasa, which brings peace and consoles the mind. It joins the Rasa order later. After undergoing all the struggles, and stresses, at last the mind rest in peace.


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