Eating Junk and Burning by Exercising

 Does this work ?

NO !!!

Eating Junk and Burning those extra added pounds by Exercising ? It’s a myth that needs to be answered. The term Exercise has different definition for each one of us. For some it means doing a physical activity to lose weight, for some its activity to feel good, for some just being in shape. Scientifically speaking, Exercise is a Lifestyle. An activity that has to be done like regular chores of eating and sleeping.

We have evolved from a Paleolithic age to a Technology Dependent age , now exercise has been replaced by computers, laptops, mobile and ipads. Having such vast amount of information available on health on the Internet, it’s sad to know people are still aware of how to take proper care of their bodies. It’s a human tendency to barter for things, compromise or a goal seems too difficult especially when it comes to food and you are told to diet.

Often when you are told by a Dietitian, Nutritionist, Doctor, Health Advisor to stop eating in large amounts and have control on frequency of Junk food, you don’t feel like compromising and that’s when you come up with wrong notions and myths that are controversial and need supervision of an Expert.

One Such Big Myth is “Eating Junk and Burning by Exercising”.




But our bodies don’t work that way. Human body has its own time of secreting enzymes, hormones and other chemicals at a particular time. If a food with empty calories in larger amounts goes into the body, the enzymes, chemicals and hormones are disrupted leading to slower metabolism and storage of additional fat in the body which is thought to be burned after exercising but it partially does. If your body needs 60 % food, 30 % exercise and 10 % sleep, by eating extra junk and extra exercising you will be giving your body 80 % junk, 50 % exercise and 10 % sleep which does not match up to a 100 % but an irregular number. Extra exercising harms your body too. It causes muscle loss rather than fat loss.

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By Swetha Jairam


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