Does Zumba Improve Flexibility ?

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Body Flexibility is absolute range of movement in a joint or series of joints. To make it easier, it is how much your joints and muscles can move while doing various activities. Being flexible is necessary because it improves all the activities that we perform or wish to perform. It is all the more important for people indulging in sports or recovering from an injury. Body’s flexibility deteriorates with age, so a daily dose of exercises that can aid you in increasing your body’s flexibility .

The best example of flexibility are cats. They can stretch, bend and move out of a smallest of places. Of course there is a huge difference in humans and animals with respect to range of motion. Genetic factors, size and shape of ligaments, tendons are a few differentiating factors among each individual. But yes you can change the way the body moves from being less flexible to being more flexible with exercise and stretches.

ZUMBA is one of those exercise routines that is definitely going to help you to improve flexibility. According to our 3 month research study, people observed improvement in flexibility from 6 cms to 26 cms (6 being minimum level of flexibility- 26 being maximum level of flexiblity). Participants often felt that they have improved on flexibility just after a month. A sit-and-reach test was used for determining the flexibility of the participants and the results were positive.




By Swetha Jairam


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