Does Zumba help in Weight Loss


More than half of the world’s population is “all cry” about losing weight. Why is losing weight important? Duh that’s a stupid question right. Of course losing weight is important to look good, to feel healthy. All of us in our minds do know what we are doing but do not want to practice it, imply it or continue it. The reasons behind can be these “I am Lazy, I don’t have time, the classes ain’t nearby, Oh, the classes are expensive”. These are few common things you will hear from many. But we often forget one important thing. That is our Health. You can spend time earning and taking care of family but it will cost you your health.



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So let’s wake up and start some exercise and spare a “ME” time for ourselves. Weight loss is not equivalent to what we actually mean. When we say weight loss, we actually mean fat loss. Your body weight consists of water, bone, muscles and fat but when you say fat loss, it only consists of fat in your body which is the reason behind your current and future illnesses. So how do we “LOSE WEIGHT”? The main pillars for a good health are exercise and diet. People are aware of this fact yet we don’t seem to get positive results all the time. The modern technology and innovations are a blessing for all of us because we now have so many options to stay fit. There are gyms and studios almost everywhere that are providing you the opportunity to accomplish your health goals.

People often ask “Is Zumba good for weight loss?” And the answer is YES. Zumba has topped the charts when it comes to having positive outcomes for weight loss, stamina, strength, flexibility. The Top 20 world survey fitness trends for 2013 has placed zumba in 12th position which is remarkable. People now want to try activities that are more fun and ZUMBA is definitely one of them. A 3 month research study at Zumba Fitness Mumbai showed miraculous results. Participants lost a minimum of 5 kgs and maximum of 8-10 kgs during the research study. Participants observed inch loss from waist and hips by 4-6 inches. As also fat reduction from arms and thighs by 3-4 inches.



By Swetha Jairam

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